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ReBirth Her

Hey! Hey!

I'm Kia,
Certified Holistic Birthing Doula


My goals are to educate with evidence-based information and to inspire women to Birth in Confidence. I would love to be a part of your Birth team Whether it’s cesarean or vaginal, medicated, unmedicated, or just placenta care! Let’s work together! Remember mama you have options!

 I am here for physical support, emotional support, partner support, to educate, and to help advocate.

More about me!

I currently reside In Fountain Inn, SC, and serve the  Greenville County, surrounding areas, and virtually as a Holistic Doula! I am Certified under the Set Apart Collective!

Married with four boys and one precious girl. I’m a SAHM who loves to create natural body products!! I’m a lover of music and love a good movie!! Before kids, I was a licensed cosmetologist and worked in a salon as a nail technician! Now I’m a mom with many talents.

My, why!

After having an emergency cesarean with my first child, which was very traumatic! I realized that I didn’t have women in my corner to really share their experiences, and I just lacked knowledge. It wasn’t until we found out about our second pregnancy that I was like “Kia, let’s read, research, and question what’s really going on!”  I did just that and had a successful medicated VBAC, and with my third, I was able to have an unmedicated VBAC with the support of a doula!!! Let me say without her; my plans probably would’ve gone out the window.

I ReBirthed my experience with an Amazing Birth Team!! 
What sets Me apart is my ability to relate, adjust, and come up with a plan!  Every birth is different and sometimes things don’t go as planned, so what’s next?

How do we pick up from there?

My job and my goal are that you feel confident in

knowing you have the ability to birth a beautiful experience regardless of the outcome!

Let me help you with the "What Ifs". 



ReBirth Her Services

I am committed to helping the families I serve every step and providing valuable Holistic services to take care of all your needs.


Read below to learn about the range of services I provide. 


We want all of our Mothers to experience birthing in confidence when working with ReBirth Her. All of our services, especially this one, exist to help the mom and her birth team to be stress-free. With everything going on with Covid-19, I know anxiety can pop up! Can we say THANK YOU, TECHNOLOGY!!! With this package, we give you two options. You will receive evidence-based information and comfort techniques using methods like zoom, and phone calls, that will allow you and your birthing partner to feel comfortable in whatever setting you choose.

Base price: $700


We have all heard the saying, “It takes a village!” This saying is so true! Whether this is your first or fourth, you need community! This package is created for people who may or may not have the extra help; I want to ease the stress! With this package, I cater to the mom and her family! This package comes at a base price with the option to add things like extra one-on-one meetings, mama essentials, daddy and doula classes, and postpartum care!

Base price: $1,000


Doula Chat (1hr): $30
Mama Belly Butter: $15   
Mama Birthing Tea (great for pregnancy & postpartum): $15
Pregnancy Kit: $75

Traditional Postpartum Care:
Postpartum Mama Kit: $75+
Herbal Massages (1hr): $80
Herbal Bath(4): $80
Postpartum Belly Balm: $15
Placenta Care Services: $200+
Traditional Bengkung Belly Binding: $150

You Matter Momma
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